Friendship of Imam Ali(as) & Enmity towards Imam Ali's(as) enemies

Holy Prophet(saww) said:

A man who goes to the battlefield in the path of Allah and does not show back and gets killed in the war, not while running away from the battlefield and the houries of Paradise may be waiting for him and the treasurers of Paradise may not come to him. Looking at all this, the angels on earth around him may ask: Why houries do not come close to him and the treasurers of Paradise do not approach him? Then comes a voice from the borders of the seventh heaven: O angels! Just look down to the earth from the borders of the sky. So they will see that that fellow’s affirmation of God’s unity, his faith on the prophet, his Prayer, Zakat and Sadaqah (charity) and all such good deeds are hanging half way from heaven; that such good deeds have filled up the entire space along the borders of the sky like a very big caravan spread from east to west and from north to south and that the angels holding the weight of his good deeds ask: Why the doors of heaven are not being opened for us, so that we may enter carrying these good deeds of this martyr in the path of Allah?! 

Then, by Allah’s decree, the doors of the sky get opened and those angels are asked: If you have power enough to enter, do so. But the arms of those angels will not be able to hold the weight and will not be able to get in with the goods. So they will submit: O Lord! We are unable to come in with this weight. At that time an announcer from Allah will tell them: To carry this load in heaven is beyond your ability. For this purpose there are some she camels of special kind and they are able to approach the Arsh with this weight for admitting them in Paradise. The angels will then ask: What kind of she camels are they? Then Allah will ask those angels: What have you carried here? They will reply: This man’s confession that You are the Only One God, and his belief in Your Messenger. 

Then Allah will say: The carrier of these good deeds is one’s friendship with my Messenger’s brother Ali (a.s.) and one’s love for the Holy Imam! If this virtue is there in the good deeds of this man, it will carry his good deeds into Paradise. After hearing this, the angels will look into the condition of that man but, despite many good deeds, they will not find even an iota of love for Ali (a.s.) and his purified progeny nor any enmity towards Ali’s and his progeny’s enemies. Then Allah will tell the carrier angels: Leave him and return to your abodes so that those who are fit for carrying his deeds may carry them and place them at appropriate place. The angels will at once return to their places. 

Then an announcer will announce from Allah: O flame of Hellfire! Hold them and hurl him in Hell because this fellow did not avail of the she camel called the friendship of Ali (a.s.) and Holy Imams (a.s.). Then that man will call upon the angels, while Allah will turn his good deeds into the form of a weight of calamities and troubles as the she camel of Ali’s love did not carry them. Then those angels will call that fellow’s opposition to Ali (a.s.) and his befriending the enemies of Ali (a.s.). 

Allah Almighty will then cause the enmity against Ali (a.s.) and the friendship with Ali’s (a.s.) enemies take the form of black snakes and make them attack the (supposedly good) deeds turned into crows and kokas birds. The fire sprouting from snakes will burn the birds down. Thus all good deeds of that fellow will be destroyed. Nothing, except the friendship with Ali (a.s.) and enmity towards Ali’s (a.s.) enemies will survive. So that fellow will be thrown into Hell with tormenting tortures. Such a fellow’s condition is far worse than that of one who did not pay Zakat and thereby destroyed his Prayer.

Source: Tafseer of Imam Hasan Askari(as), Sura Baqara, Verse 3