Importance of Wilayat of Ahlebait(as)

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Regarding the Almighty’s words in Sura-e-Baqara, Verse 91


و اذا قيل لهم امنوا بما انزل الله قالونومن بما انزل علينا و يكفرون بما وراءه و هو الحق مصدقا لما معهم قل فلم تقتلون انبياء الله من قبل ان كنتم مومنين


And when it is said to them, Believe in what Allah has revealed, they say: We believe in that which was revealed to us; and they deny what is besides that, while it is the truth verifying that which they have. Say: Why then did you kill Allah’s Prophets before if you were indeed believers?


Simply: When it is said to the Jews, believe in what Allah has sent down, they say: We believe in what is sent to us. And they disbelieve in that which came after it, while it is the truth, confirming what is with them. Say, O Muhammad (s.a.w.s.), to them: Why then did you kill the prophets of Allah aforetime, if you indeed have been believers?


The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said:


Allah has informed that one who does not believe in Quran, also does not have faith in Taurat because Allah has taken a covenant from them that He will accept faith in one only if he believes in the other. In the same way, Allah has made it obligatory to have faith in Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s.) just as it is necessary to believe in Muhammad (s.a.w.s.). Hence one who says, I believe in Muhammad’s prophethood but not in the Wilayat Ali (a.s.), is like one who does not have faith on the Prophethood of Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) also, because when Allah raises the people on Judgment Day, an announcer will call out through which their faith and infidelity will be distinguished. They will say: Allaahu Akbar Allaahu Akbar.


Another announcer will say: O people, you join in saying this. At that time the atheists will become dumb and not be able to say anything whereas other people will repeat the words. Thus the atheists will be separated from people of religion.


After that the announcer will say: Ashhado Anlaa ilaaha illallaah’. All will repeat this but polytheists will become dumb and thus they will be separated.


Then again the announcer will say: ‘Ashhado Anna Muhammadan Rasoolillaah.’ All Muslims will utter and Jews, Israelis and all polytheists will become dumb and not be able to utter this. A voice will come: Take them to Paradise, but another voice will come from Allah:


وقفوهم انهم مسيولون .


And stop them, for they shall be questioned.


The angels will ask: O Lord! Why are they stopped?


Another revelation will come from Allah: “And stop them, for they shall be questioned about the Wilayat of Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s.).”


That is, they will be asked about the Wilayat of Ali Ibne Abi Talib and the Wilayat of Aale Muhammad. O My servants and maidservants, I ordered to give one more testimony with the testimony for Muhammad, if they fulfill it, they will get more rewards and increase in good deeds. If they don’t fulfill it, they will not gain anything for giving witness to the prophethood of Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) and My Lordship. One who brings this testimony will be successful and one who does not bring it, will be destroyed.


At that time a person will say: I testify to the Wilayat of Ali (a.s.) and I am a devotee Aale Muhammad (a.s.); in fact he would be lying and under the impression that he can escape by lying. Allah will say: We will take witness from Ali (a.s.) for this claim of yours. Then Allah will say: O Abul Hasan (a.s.) you give witness. His Eminence (a.s.) will say: My Lord, Paradise itself is witness of my friends and Hell, a witness of my enemies. One who is truthful will be carried away by the breeze of Paradise and taken to his appointed place there without suffering any harm. And to those who lie, come the hot waves, hot water and smoke of Hellfire having three branches, that neither shades nor protects from the flames; and carry him up in the air and cast him into Hell.


Source: Tafseer of Imam Hasan Askari(as), Sura Baqara, Verse 91

Abul Husain bin Abi Tayyeb bin Shuaib from Ahmad bin Qasem Al-Hashimi from Isa from Farroukh bin Farwah from Mos'edah bin Sadaqa from Saleh bin Maitham, from his father Maitham Al-Tammar who said:

I was in the marketplace and Asbagh bin Nobatah came to me and said, "O Maitham, I heard a very difficult Hadith from the Commander of the Believers(as) today. How can that be?"

"What did you hear?" I asked.

Asbagh replied, "I heard the Commander of the Believers(as) say, 'Our Ahadith are very difficult and complex. Only the high ranked angels, the messengers and those slaves whose hearts have been tested can handle them."

So I (Maitham) immediately left the marketplace and went to the Commander of the Believers(as)

"O Commander of the Believers! Asbagh narrated a Hadith from you today that was very difficult for me," I said.

"Which (Hadith) was it?" he asked.

I narrated the Hadith that I had heard from Asbagh. The Commander of the Believers(as) smiled and asked me to sit down.

Then he said:

Can all knowledge be handled by everyone? "When your Lord said to the angels: 'Verily, I am going to appoint a caliph in the earth, they said: 'Will you (O our Lord) place one in it who will make mischief and shed blood, while we celebrate Your praise and extol Your holiness?' He said: 'Verily, I know what you do not know" (2:30). So could the angels handle the knowledge?

I (Maitham) said, "This is even greater than what I heard from Ashagh."

The Commander of the Believers(as) said, "Allah sent the Torah to Musa. Therefore, Musa thought that there was no one more knowledgeable than him."

To ensure that pride does not enter the heart of Musa, Allah said to him, "There is someone in My creation who is more knowledgeable than you are."

So Musa asked Allah to guide him to the most knowledgeable person and Allah led him to Khizr. When Khizr destroyed the ship, Musa could not handle it, when Khizr killed the boy, Musa could not handle it, when Khizr built the wall, Musa could not handle it.

As for the believers, the Messenger of Allah(saww) held my hand on the Day of Ghadeer and said, "O Allah! Of whomsoever I am his master, Ali is his master."

Do you think everyone could handle that? Only those whom Allah has protected (could handle it).

Therefore rejoice and be delighted because Allah has chosen you to handle the matters and the knowledge of the Messenger of Allah(saww) and this was not entrusted to all of the angels, nor was it given to every prophet or messenger"

Source: Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 4, Hadees 12 / Bihar Al Anwar, Vol 37, Pg 233 / Tafseer-e-Furaat Al Kufi, Pg 6, Maani AL-Akhbar, Pg 189 / Khisaal Al-Sadouq, Pg 208 


A man came to the Prophet(saww) and said, "O Messenger of Allah! Someone sailed to China for trading and came back quickly, making so much money that his friends envy him and he has become very wealthy."

The Messenger of Allah(saww) said, "In this life the more wealth you have, the more troubles you will have. So do not envy the wealthy, except those who spend their wealth in Allah's way.
But should I tell you about a person who, with less investment and less time, has made more profit, and moreover, his wealth is kept safe under the Throne of Allah?"

The people replied, "Yes. O Messenger of Allah!"

The Prophet(saww) said, "He is the person who is coming toward us."

So we looked and we saw one of the Ansar who looked rather shabby (approaching us).

The Messenger of Allah(saww) said, "This man has earned a reward and blessing today, and if you were to divide it among all of the inhabitants of the skies and the earths, the least they would deserve would be forgiveness for their sins and entrance to Paradise."

So the people asked, "What did he do today to deserve such a reward?"

The Prophet(saww) replied, "Go and ask him."

The people went to the man and said, "Congratulations for the glad tidings that the Prophet(saww) has given you. Tell us what you have done today."

The man replied:

I did not do anything. When I left my house this morning, I had a business affair that I had to take care of but I was late. I was worried that it was too late to attend to it, so I thought to myself, 'Let me go and look at the face of Ali bin Abi Taleb(as) instead because I had heard the Messenger of Allah(saww) say, 'Looking at the face of Ali bin Abi Taleb(as) is worshipping Allah(swt).'

The Messenger of Allah(saww) said:

Yes! I swear to Allah that this is worshipping Allah, and this is the best way of worshipping Allah! O Slave of Allah! You left your house this morning trying to make some money to bring back for your family, but instead you went to look at Ali bin Abi Taleb's face while you love him and believe in his status. What you did is better than having the entire world. You gave up the money in the way of Allah. Allah will release one thousand men from Hell with your intercession for every breath you took as you walked toward Ali."

Source: Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 2, Hadees 38 / Amaali of Sheikh Sadooq, Pg 296 / Bihar ul anwar, Vol 38, Pg 197 / Taawil Al-Ayaat, Vol 2, Pg 868

Imam Husain(as) said:

The Messenger of Allah(saww) was riding (a horse/mule) and Ali bin Abi Taleb(as) was walking beside Him.


The Prophet(saww) said to Him: O Ali! Either ride or go back as Allah has ordered that you should ride when I ride, walk when I walk and sit when I sit except when there is a rule from among the rules of Allah that needs to be obeyed.


Allah has not honoured me with anything without honouring you with something similar.


He chose prophethood for me and He assigned you as my successor, so you will carry out the rules of the prophethood and accomplish its most difficult tasks.


I swear to the One who truly sent me as a prophet that those who deny you dont believe in me. And those who reject you have not testified in me and those who disbelieve in you dont believe in Allah.


Your grace is from my grace and my grace is a grace for you. And that is why Allah says: Say in the grace of Allah and in His mercy in that let them rejoice, it is better than all that they amass (10:58)


"Grace of Allah" (in this verse) is My Prophethood. "His mercy" is the Wilayat of Ali bin abi Taleb. "In that" refers to My Prophethood and Ali's Wilayat. "Let them rejoice" refers to (the rejoicing) of the Shia. "It is better than all that they amass" refers to the enemies of the Shia and "all that they amass" refers to wealth, children and (the pleasures) of this life.


O Ali! I swear to Allah that you were not created except to worship Allah, to make the religion of Allah known and to make the path of guidance clear for those who seek it.


Those who deviate from you have gone astray and those who are not guided to you and to your Wilayat cannot be guided to Allah.


That is why Allah says: Verily, I forgive again and again whosoever repents, believes and does good and then he is guided (20:82) . "Guided" refers to your Wilayat.


O Ali! Allah has ordered me to announce your rights as religious obligations on people just like my rights.


(Honouring) your rights is a religious obligation on everyone who believes in me. If it had not been for you, the party of Allah would not have been known. It is through you that the enemies of Allah are known. Those who meet Allah without your Wilayat meet Allah without anything.


Allah revealed to me: (O Mohammad) Deliver that has been sent down to you from your Lord (5:67). O Ali! This refers to your Wilayat. "And if you donot do it, then, (it will be as if) you have not delivered His message (at all)"(5:67). If I had not announced the order of Allah about your Wilayat the value of all my deeds would have been nullified.


The value of the deeds of those who meet Allah without your Wilayat will be nullified.


I donot say anything except Allah's words and what I said about you was sent down from Allah.


Source: Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 5, Hadees 91 / Amali - Sheikh Sadooq Pg. 400 / Bihar ul Anwar, Vol 38, Pg 105  

Holy Prophet(saww) said:

Allah(swt) says I made namaz (prayer) wajib (compulsory), but there is a concession for those who are traveling. I made fasting wajib (compulsory) except for those who are traveling. I made hajj wajib, except for those without means. I made zakat (poor tax)wajib but only on those who have wealth. I made the love of Ali ibn Abi Talib(as) as an absolute wajib (compulsory) upon all of creation in the heavens and on the earth and there is no exception in the love of Ali ibn Abi Talib(as).

Source: Madinatul Moajiz First Edition page no. 368-369

Holy Prophet(saww) said:

Whoever would like to live a life similar to those of the Prophets, die in a similar manner as the martyrs do and live in the garden planted by the Beneficent(swt), they must love Imam Ali(as)(acknowledge his divine authority) and love those who love and support Him and follow the Imams after Him who are of My family and are created of the substance that I was created. O Lord, give them my understanding and knowledge. Send those of My people to Wayl (a place in Hell) who oppose Them and do not give them the chance to benefit from My intervention on their behalf.

Source: Kafi, Chapter 19, Hadees 538

Holy Prophet(saww) said:

Whoever would like to live like My living, die like I will die and enter the garden of Eden that My Lord has planted with His own Hands, he must love (acknowledge the divine authority of) Ali ibne Abi Talib(as). He must love (acknowledge the divine authority of His successor) those who love Him, be the enemy of His enemies and submit in obedience to His successors after Him because they are of My family and My flesh and blood. Allah(swt) has given them My understanding and knowledge. I appeal to Allah(swt) and complain to Him about the case of My people's dealings, their denying the virtue and excellence of the Imams from My family. I complain to Allah(swt) for their disregard of My relation with Them. By Allah(swt) they will murder my son Husain (as). May Allah(swt) deprive them of my intercession.

Source: Kafi, Chapter 19, Hadees 540

Imam Muhammad Baqir (as) said:

“Allah(swt) made Ali (as) as a sign between Him (Allah) and His creation. So one who recognizes Moula Ali (as) as this sign, then he is a momin.
One who denies Moula Ali (as) as this sign is a kafir (disbeliever). One who remains ignorant to the status of Moula Ali (as) has gone astray.
One who believes there is a veil between Moula Ali (as) and Allah(swt) is a mushrik (polytheist).” 

Source: Usool e Kafi Kitab Iman o Kufr, Chapter 293, Hadees 2

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as)said in presence of a companion:

"Only those who know Allah(swt) worship Him. Those who do not know Allah(swt) they worship Him just like those in misguidance."
The companion asked, may Allah(swt) take my soul in service for your cause, what does "know Allah" mean?"
Imam (as) said:"To know Allah(swt) means to acknowledge the existence of Allah, the Most Holy, the Most High, to acknowledge His Messenger (saww) and to love Imam Ali (as). Of such knowledge is to follow Him and the Imams of guidance (as) and to condemn Their (Imams (as)) enemies. This is what it means to "know Allah".

Source: Al Kafi, Chapter 7, Hadees 446


Imam Ali(as) said to his companions:

"O group of companions, By God, I didnot go forward for any tasks but what the Holy Prophet(saww) took a promise from Me. So congratulations to that person in whose heart the love for us Ahlebait(as) is deeply rooted and faith is as strong in his heart as the mountain of Ohad is first in place, and in whose heart Our love has not reached faith will dissolve in his heart in the same manner that salt dissolves in water. By God By God, in the whole world no Zikr was more liked by the Holy Prophet(as) than My (Imam Ali(as)) zikr................"

Source: Kitab Sulaym ibn Qays al Hilaali, Hadees 40

Imam Husain(as) said:

"I swear by Allah(swt), Allah(swt) has not created anything but He ordered everything to obey and follow Us Ahlebait(as)."

Source: Manakibe Aale Abu Talib, Vol 4, Pg 51

Imam Sadiq(as) said: Allah(swt) has said:

I will torture every group of muslims that has believed in the guardianship of every imam of injustice even those muslims are pious and god fearing and I will forgive every group of muslims that has believed in the guardianship of every just imam whose imamte has been determined by Allah(swt) even if these muslims are guilty and sinful.

Source: Bihar ul Anwar, Vol 27, Pg 193

Imam sadiq(as) said:

Allah(swt) is not ashamed to torture a nation believing in an imam who is not from Allah even if it is pious and god fearing and he is ashamed to torture a nation believing in an imam who is from Allah even if it is guilty and sinful

Source: Bihar ul Anwar, Vol 68, Pg 113

Imam Ali(as) said that Holy Prophet(saww) said:

Beware - my brother, my friend, my vizier, my Safi (the chosen one), my caliph after me and after me the guardian of every Momin and Momina is Ali ibn Abi Talib(as). When Ali(as) will pass away then my son Hasan(as) will be after him, and when he passes away, after him will be my son Husain(as). After that there will be nine Imams who will be descendants of Husain(as). These will all be guides and will be guided. These all will be with the truth and truth will be with them. They all will not separate from it and till the Day of Judgement it will not separate from them. These all are those through whom the earth is established, these all are the ones through whom earth is at peace. These are the ones who are Allah's(swt) strong rope, Allah's(swt) strong cord, which is not breakable and these are all Allah's(swt) Hujjat (authority) on His earth and are His Witnesses on His creatures and are the Treasures of His Knowledge and are the mines of His Wisdom. And they are like the boat of Noah(as). Whoever sails in the boat will be saved and whoever leaves the boat will be drowned and these are all like the door of Hitta of Bani Israel. Whoever entered it is the one with Eemaan and whoever stayed out is Kafir. Allah(swt) in His Book has made their obedience compulsory and has commanded their Wilayat. Whoever obeys them has obeyed Allah(swt) and whoever disobeys them has disobeyed Allah(swt).

Source: Kitaab-e-Sulaym ibn Qays al-Hilaali, Hadees 21