Virtues of Ahlebait(as)

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Abdullah Ibn Aamir narrated from Al-Abbas Bin Ma’rouf, from Abdul Rahmaan Bin Abu Abdullah Al-Basry, from Abu Al-Ma’za, from Abu Baseer, from Khaysham, from Abu Ja’far(as), said that he heard Imam(as) say:

We are the Side (Janb) of Allah, we are His Elites, and we are His best, and we are the repository of the legacies of the Prophets, and we are the confidant of Allah, and we are the Proof of Allah, and we are the components of the faith, and we are His callers to the Islam, and we are from the Mercy of Allah on His Creation, and we are the ones by whom Allah is Manifested, and by us He is Sealed, and we are the Imams of the guidance, and we are lights in the darkness, and we are the minarets of the guidance, and we are the foremost, and we are the later ones, and we are the banners for the creation.

One who adheres to us is on the right and one who opposes us will drown, and we are the leaders of the resplendent, and we are the best of Allah, and we are the road and the path of Allah which is straight to Allah, and we are from the Bounties of Allah on His Creation, and we are the Platform, and we are the Mine of the Prophethood, and we are the subject matter of the Message, and we are the ones to whom the Angels come and go (interchange), and we are the Lamps due to whom is enlightenment, we are the way to be followed by, and we are the guides to the Paradise, and we are the honour of Islam, and we are the bridges, the arches, the one who crosses them will proceed and one who opposes them will be eradicated, and we are the greatest hump, and we are the ones by whom Mercy Comes down, and by us do the waters quench (thirst), and we are the ones by whom the Punishment is dismissed. 

The one who recognizes us and our rights and takes to our commands, he is from us and to us.

Source: Basaair Al – Darajaat, Vol 2, Chapter 3, Hadees 10

It has been narrated to us Muhammad Bin Al-Hassan, from Abdullah Bin Jabala, from Dawood Al-Raqy, from Abu Hamza Al-Thumaly, from Abu Al-Hajaar who said:

Amir-ul-Momineen(as) said:

The Messenger of Allah(saw) was the seal of one hundred and twenty four thousand Prophets and I(as) am the seal of one hundred and twenty four thousand successors and have been mandated with what the successors before me had been charged with, and Allah(swt) is the Helper, and the Messenger of Allah said during his illness: ‘I am not afraid for you to go astray after the guidance, but I am afraid for you from the mischief of the Quraish and their enmity. (3:173)

Allah is sufficient for us and most excellent is the Protector. Two-thirds of the Quran is regarding us and our Shiites, and the best in it is for us and for our Shiites. The remaining one-third of the Quran is for our enemies’.

Then said: Are those who know and those who do not know alike? (39:9). Only the men of understanding are mindful up to the end of the Verse. We are the People of the Household and our Shiites are the men of understanding, and those who do not know are our enemies and our Shiites are the ones who have been guided.

Source: Basaair Al-Darajaat, Vol 3, Chapter 3

Abu Abdillah Ja'far b. Muhammad, peace be upon him, said:

Surely, Allah has enforced our authority, and made it obligatory upon people to love us. By Allah, we do not say anything out of caprice or our desire, and we do not act according to our views. We do not say except that which our Lord, Most High, as said."
Source: Amali of Shaikh Mufeed, Chapter 7, Hadees 4

Imam Hasan bin Ali (a.s.) said:

One, who does not consider Ali (a.s.) superior to all after Muhammad (s.a.w.s.), is denying the Torah, the Zaboor and the Suhuf of Ibrahim and all other divine scriptures because according to all the said scriptures the most essential thing after faith in Allah’s Oneness and in the Messengership of Muhammad is to confess the love for and friendship with Ali (a.s.).

 Source: Tafseer of Imam Hasan Askari(as), Sura Baqara, Verse 4

Imam Husain (a.s.) said:

If a worshipper of Only One Allah, who is righteous and who believes in the messengership of Muhammad (s.a.w.s.), does not consider Ali (a.s.) to be most graceful after Allah and Muhammad (a.s.) and who rejects Ali’s greatness, this belief of him will be like a flame of fire on a day of windstorm. The deeds of one who does not consider Ali (a.s.) greater than all other caliphs, even if his good deeds are enough to fill all forests, they will become like a flame of fire. That fire will overlap them all and the storm will encircle them until all of them are burnt down and turned into ashes, leaving nothing.

  Source: Tafseer of Imam Hasan Askari(as), Sura Baqara, Verse 4

Once someone asked Imam Zainul Aabideen (a.s.): 

What is your opinion about one who has faith in Quran and earlier Books and the Judgment Day, offers Prayer, pays Zakat, maintains relations with relatives and performs good deeds, but despite all this says that I don’t know whether truth is with Ali (a.s.) or with so and so? 

Imam (a.s.) replied: 

What is your opinion about one who performs all good deeds narrated by you but also says: I don’t know whether Muhammad is the messenger of Allah or Musailamah the Liar? Would his deeds be of any use? That man said: No, Sir. 

The Holy Imam said: Just as one who does not know whether Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) is the messenger of God or Musailaima Kazzab, cannot have faith in divine Books, one who does not know whether Ali (a.s.) is on the right side or so and so, how can he have faith in these Books?

 Source: Tafseer of Imam Hasan Askari(as), Sura Baqara, Verse 4

A companion asked the Prophet(saww) about the status of Ali bin Abi Taleb(as)

The Prophet(saww) replied angrily:

What is wrong with you people, asking me about someone to whom Allah has given a rank and position as high as my own?!

Beware! Those who love Ali love me and those who love me please Allah and those who please Allah are rewarded with Paradise.

Beware! Allah accepts the Salaat, Sawm (fasting) and devotion of those who love Ali. When they pray to Allah, He fulfills their requests.

Beware! The angels seek forgiveness for those who love Ali. The gates of Paradise are open for them and they will enter from any door they choose without being questioned.

Beware! Those who love Ali will not leave this world without first drinking from the Pool of Kawthar, eating from the tree of Touba and seeing their place in Paradise.

Beware! Allah eases the death process of those who love Ali and makes their graves a garden from the gardens of Paradise.

Beware! Allah gives those who love Ali one HUR, "Pure maidens with big, beautiful eyes" (56:22), for each vein in their body. They (those who love Ali) will intercede for eighty (80) of their family members and Allah gives them one city in Paradise for every hair on their body.

Beware! Allah orders the Angel of Death to be kind to those who love Ali and Allah will remove the terror of Munkar and Nakeer from their graves. Their hearts will be illuminated and their faces will be shining.

Beware! Allah places those who love Ali under the shade of His Throne, accompanied by the martyrs and the truthful ones.

Beware! Allah saves those who love All from Hell.

Beware! The good deeds of those who love Ali are accepted and their sins are forgiven; they will be in Paradise in the company of Hamza (the Prophet's uncle), the Master of the Martyrs.

Beware! Allah places wisdom in the hearts of those who love Ali; Allah places truth on their tongues and Allah opens the doors of His Mercy to them.

Beware! Earth is the prison of those who love Ali and Allah will free them (from this prison).

Beware! An angel will call out to those who love Ali from under Allah's Throne and say. "O Allah's servant, carry on because all of your sins are forgiven."

Beware! On the Day of Judgement, the faces of those who love Ali will be shining as brightly as the full moon.

Beware! Allah will place the crown of dignity on the heads of those who love Ali and they will wear the suit of glory.

Beware! Those who love Ali will pass the bridge with the speed of light and will not feel the difficulty associated with passing.

Beware! Allah writes a guarantee (of protection) from Hell, a pass for the bridge and a guarantee (of protection) from the torture for those who love Ali.

Beware! The book (of deeds) of those who love Ali will not be published and they will not go through the scale; they will be told to enter Paradise without being questioned.

Beware! Angels shake hands with those who die with the love of the family of the Prophet and the souls of the prophets come to visit them and Allah fulfills all of their requests.

Then the Prophet(saww) repeated this statement three times, "I will guarantee Paradise for those who love Ali."

Source: Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 2, Hadees 2 / Fadhael Al-Shia of Sheikh Sadouq, Vol 2, Pg 6 / Bihar Al Anwar Vol 7, Pg 221 / Ta'weel Al-Ayaat, Vol 2, Pg 865


The Messenger of Allah(saww) was with Ali(as), Fatema(sa), Hasan(as) and Husain(as) one day when he said:

O Allah! You know that they are my family and they are the most honourable people in my eyes. O Allah! Love those who love them and hate those who hate them. Befriend their friends, antagonize those who antagonize them and support those who support them. O Allah! Purify them from any uncleanliness, make them infallible and support them with the Holy Spirit.

Then the Prophet(saww) said:

O Ali! You are the Imam of my nation, you are my caliph on my nation after me and you will lead the believers to Paradise.

It is as if I can see my daughter, Fatema, on the Day of Judgement. She will be brought on a platform made of light. There will be seventy thousand angels to her right, seventy thousand angels to her left, seventy thousand angels in front of her and seventy thousand angels behind her and she will be leading the (female) believers of my nation to Paradise.Every woman who prays five times a day, fasts in the month of Ramadhan, goes to Hajj, pays Zakaat, obeys her husband and accepts the Wilayat of Ali after me will enter Paradise with the intercession of my daughter.

Fatema is the Master of All of the Worlds Women.

People asked, "Is she the master of the women of her time?"

The Prophet(saw) replied:

Maryam was the master of the women of her time. My daughter, Fatema, is the Master of All of the Worlds Women from the first to the last. Every time she stands in her mihrab for prayers, seventy thousand high-ranked angels come and say Salaam to her.

The angels call out to her, 'O Fatema! "Verily, Allah has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above all the women of the worlds" (3:42), which is the same way the angels used to call Maryam.

Then the Prophet(saww) looked at Ali(as) and said:

O Ali! Fatema is a piece of my flesh, she is the light of my eyes and she is the apple of my heart. That which saddens her saddens me and that which pleases her pleases me.

She is the first one (from my family) who will join me, so treat her with kindness after me.

As for Hasan and Husain, they are my sons and my flowers. They are the Masters of the Youth of Paradise, so treat them like you would treat your eyes and ears.

Then the Prophet(saww) raised his hands toward the sky and said:

O Allah! I testify that I love those who love them. I hate those who hate them. I am at peace with those who are at peace with them. I fight those who fight them. I am the enemy of their enemies and I am the friend of their friends.
Source: Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 4, Hadees 89 / Bihar Al Anwar, Vol 37, Pg 85

Holy Prophet(saww) said:

O Ali! If a slave worships Allah(swt) for as long as Nooh(as) lived in his nation, spends his wealth and gold which is as high as the mountain of Ohud in the way of Allah, goes to Hajj 1000 times and is murdered between Safa and Marwa, but doesnot love You (Ali(as)), he will not smell the fragrance of Paradise and will not be able to enter it.

O Ali! Loving you is such a good deed that if people do it, no bad deed can harm them. And hating you is such a bad deed that if people do it, no obedience can benefit them
. O Ali! A hypocrite will not love you even if you scatter jewels on him. O Ali! A believer will not hate you even if you cut his nose with your sword because loving you is Imaan and hating you hypocrisy.

O Ali! No one loves you but a pious believer and no one hates you but a wicked hyprocite.

Source: : Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 2, Hadees 111 / Amaali of Sheikh Tousi, Vol 1, Pg 209 / Bihar ul anwar, Vol 39, Pg 208.

Aba Abdillah (as) narrates from Imam Hasan (as) who said:

إن لله مدينتين إحداهما بالمشرق والاخرى بالمغرب، عليهما سور من حديد وعلى كل واحد منهما ألف ألف مصراع وفيها سبعون ألف ألف لغة، يتكلم كل لغة بخلاف لغة صاحبها وأنا أعرف جميع اللغات وما فيهما وما بينهما، وما عليهما حجة غيري وغير الحسين أخي

"Allah has two cities. One is in the east and the other is in the west. They have a boundary around them that is made of iron and each one has a million doors. Seven thousand different languages exist therein and I know all those languages and all that is therein and all there is between it. There is no one who would possess Leadership with Divine Authority except I and my brother al-Husayn."

Source: Al Kafi Vol.1 Pg. 462

After people paid allegiance to Aba Mohammad Hasan bin Ali(as), He addressed the people saying:


We are the victorious party of Allah. We are the family of the Prophet, the closest to Allah.

We are the pleasant and pure family of the Prophet and we are one of the two weights that the Prophet(saww) left for his nation. And the second weight is the book of Allah, the book that contains the details of everything and does not contain any falsehood.

We are the only reliable explainers of the Quran. We do not guess its meaning. We are certain of our interpretation of the Quran  Therefore, obey us because obeying us is mandatory and it is equal to obeying Allah and His messenger, "O you who believe! Obey Allah and obey the messenger and those vested with authority from among you; and then if you quarrel concerning any matter, refer it to Allah and the messenger" (4:59) "And if they had referred it to the messenger, and (to) those vested with authority amongst them, then they, who could discover the truth, would have known it" (4:83).

I am warning you to refrain from listening to the call of Shaytan, "Verily he is your open enemy" (2:168). If you listen to his call you will be like those to whom Shaytan said, "None, among men, shall prevail over you today, while I am your protector. But when the two parties came in sight of one another, he (Shaytan) turned on his heels and said: 'Verily I am not with you; certainly I see what you do not see" (8:48).

And then you will be thrown on spears with force, you will be slaughtered with swords, you will be crushed under iron rods, you will be the target of arrows, and at this point, "belief will not profit any soul who did not believe before, or did not earn any good by its belief" (6:159).


Source: Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 9, Hadees 13

Holy Prophet(saww) said:


O Ali! You will be wronged after me. Woe unto those who wrong you and oppress you. Blessed are those who follow you and do not choose (to follow) anyone other than you. Woe unto those who fight against you, and blessed are those who fight for you.

O Ali! You speak my words and you speak with my tongue after me. Woe unto those who object to you, and blessed are those who accept your words.

O Ali! You are the master of this nation after me. You are the Imam of this nation and you are my caliph on my nation.

O Ali! Those who abandon you in this world have abandoned me on the Day of Judgement and those who are with you in this world will be with me on the Day of Judgement.

O Ali! You were the first to believe in me and trust me, you were the first person who helped me with all of my affairs and you were the first person who fought against my enemies with me.

O Ali! You were the first person who prayed with me at a time when others were in the slumber of ignorance.

Allah has sworn to His own Glory that He will not allow any slave to cross the Siraat except for those who carry a pass from you (that indicates) that they believe in your Wilayat and the Wilayat of the Imams from your sons.

O Ali! You will be the first person who comes to my Pool on the Day of Judgement. You will distribute water to your friends from the Pool and you will keep your enemies away from the Pool.

O Ali! You will be accompanying me when I stand (Maqaam Al-Mahmoud) in front of Allah.

O Ali! You will intercede for those who love us and your intercession will be accepted.

O Ali! You will be the first one to enter Paradise while carrying my flag. The flag of praise has seventy sides, and each side is wider than the sun and the moon.

O Ali! You are the owner of the tree of Touba in Paradise. Its roots are in your house and its branches are in the houses of your Shia and of those who love you.

Source: Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 7, Hadees 32 / O’youn-e-Akhbaral-Redha, Vol 2, Pg 6

Abi Abdillah Jaafar bin Mohammad(as) said:


One day my father (Imam Mohammad bin Ali Al-Baqir(as)) said to Jabir bin Abdullah, "I need to see you privately."

So when my father was alone with Jabir he said. "Tell me about the tablet that my mother, Fatema(sa), had."

Jabir said:

Allah is my witness that I went to Fatema(sa), daughter of the Messenger of Allah(saww) to congratulate her on the birth of Husain(as). I saw a green tablet in her hand made of green aquamarine. There was some writing on it with a light that was brighter than the sun and (the tablet) smelled better than musk.

I asked Fatema(sa), "What is this tablet, O daughter of the Messenger of Allah?"

She replied, "This tablet is a gift from Allah to my father. It contains the names of my father, my husband, and the names of his successors from my sons after him."

I asked her to give it to me so I could write a copy of its contents, and she accepted.

Then my father (Mohammad bin Ali(as)) asked Jabir, "Can you show me the copy you made?"

Jabir replied, "Yes."

Then Jabir went to his house and brought back a piece of paper with him.

My fathers said to him:

Look at your copy to see (if) what I say (matches your copy). This is what was written on that tablet:

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful. This is a letter from Allah, the most Honourable, the most Knowledgeable, which was sent with the guardian spirit to Mohammad, the last of the messengers.

O Mohammad! Glorify My names, be thankful for My grace, and do not deny My blessings.

Do not desire anyone but Me and do not fear anyone but Me, because those who desire anyone but Me or fear anyone but Me will be punished in a way that I have never punished anyone else from all of the worlds.

O Mohammad! I have chosen you from amongst all of the prophets and I have given preference to your successor above all of the successors.

I have made Hasan the container of My Knowledge after the time of his father, and (I have made) Husain the best of the sons from the first to the last, and through Husain the Imamate will continue.

Ali, the beauty of the worshippers, will remain from Husain, and then (it will be) Mohammad, the one who rips open My Knowledge, the one who will invite (people) to My path through the right methods.

Then (it will be) Jaafar, the truthful in his speech and his actions, after whom there will be a deafening conspiracy.

Woe and more woe unto those who deny My slave and the best of My creation, Musa!

Then Ali, the pleasant, will be killed by a Kafer daemon, and he will be buried in the city that was built by the righteous slave, next to the worst of Allah's creation.

Then Mohammad (will come), the guide to My path, the one who safeguards My sanctity, and the one who will leave Ali behind.

Ali will be the one with two names (Ali and Naqi).

After him, Hasan, the honourable, will lead his people.

And after him his son. Mohammad, will rise at the end of time. There will be a white cloud over him to offer him shade from the sun. He will speak with an eloquent language and his voice will reach everyone and everywhere. He is the Mahdi of the family of Mohammad and he will fill the earth with justice, just as it is will be filled with injustice.


Source: Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 5, Hadees 1 / Amaali of Sheikh Tousi, Vol 1, Pg. 298/O’youn-e-Akhbaral-Redha, Pg 25

Holy Prophet(saww) said:

O people! Who can be a better speaker and more truthful in speaking than Allah?

O people! Your Lord, Allah, has ordered me to appoint Ali as the flag, Imam, successor and caliph for you. He ordered me to choose Ali as my minister and my brother.

O people! Ali is the door of guidance after me. Ali is the caller to Allah after me, he is the most righteous one of the believers, "and who is better in speech than he, who calls to Allah and does good and says: Verily I am (one) of the Muslims" (41:33).

O people! All is from me. His sons are my sons and he is the husband of my love.

Ali's orders are my orders and his prohibition is my prohibition.

O people! Obey Ali and abstain from disobeying him, because obeying Ali is obeying me and disobeying Ali is disobeying me.

O people! Ali is the most truthful one in this nation. Ali is the separator of right from wrong and Ali is the narrator of Ahadith in this nation.

Ali is the Harun of this nation, Ali is the Yusha of this nation, Ali is the Asif of this nation and he is Shamo'un of this nation. (Harun was the brother and minister of Musa. Yusha' was the successor of Musa. Asif was the successor of Sulaymaan. Shamo'un was the successor of Isa.)

Ali is the door of sustenance for this nation. Ali is the ark of survival for this nation. Ali is the Talut of this nation and he is the Dhul Qarnain of this nation. [Talut here means the commander. Dhul Qarnain: the owner of two branches, that is, Imam Hasan and Imam Husain(as).]

O people! Ali is the trial of the creatures. He is the greatest decisive argument, the greatest sign of Allah, the Imam of the inhabitants of the world and the strongest handhold.

O people! Verily. Ali is with HAQQ and HAQQ is with Ali and (HAQQ is) on his tongue.

O people! Ali is the divider of Hell. His friends will not enter it and his enemies will not survive.

O people! Ali is the divider of Paradise. His enemies will not enter it and his friends will not be prevented from entering it.

O my companions! I have advised you and I have conveyed the message of my Lord to you, but you do not like the advisors.

I said all of this, and I seek forgiveness for myself and for you.


Source: Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 4, Hadees 28 / Amaali of Sheikh Sadouq, Pg 33.

Holy Prophet(saww) said:


Allah honoured me with five virtues and Allah honoured Ali with five virtues:

Allah gave me the knowledge of everything and gave Ali the knowledge of everything.

Allah appointed me as a Prophet and appointed Ali as the successor.

Allah gave me the river of Kawthar and gave Ali the river of SALSABIL.

Allah gave me the revelation and gave Ali the inspiration.

Allah took me to Me'raaj and Allah opened the doors of the skies for Ali and removed all of the covers, so Ali could see me and I could see him while I was in Me'raaj.

Then the Messenger of Allah(saww) started crying.

So I (lbn Abbas) asked him, "Why are you crying, O Messenger of Allah? May I sacrifice my father and mother for you."

The Prophet(saww) replied:

O Ibn Abbas! On the night of Me'raaj, the first thing that Allah told me was, 'O Mohammad, look down.'

So I looked down, and I saw the doors of the skies were open and all of the covers were removed. I could see Ali and he was looking up at me. Ali spoke to me and I spoke to Ali. Then Allah spoke to me.

So I (Ibn Abbas) asked, "What did Allah say to you?"

The Prophet(saww) replied, "Allah said to me, 'O Mohammad! I have assigned Ali as your successor, your minister, and your caliph after you. So let Ali know because he can hear you." So I told Ali what Allah had ordered me to say.

Ali replied, "I have accepted this position and I will obey."

Then Allah ordered all of the angels to say Salaam to Ali, and they all did. Ali replied to their Salaam, and I saw that the angels were pleased that Ali had replied to their Salaam.

I did not pass by any angel who did not congratulate me and say, "O Mohammad! We swear by Allah, who sent you as a Messenger, that all of the angels became happy when Allah appointed your cousin, Ali."

Then I saw the carriers of the Throne lowering their heads toward the earth.

So I asked Jibraeel, "Why are the carriers of the Throne lowering their heads toward the earth?"

Jibraeel replied, "All of the angels were honoured by looking at the face of Ali except the carriers of the Throne. Now they have asked permission from Allah to look at his face and Allah granted them permission."

Then when I came down from Meraaj I was not telling Ali about what had happened, but it was Ali who was telling me about everything that had happened. So I knew that I had not stepped foot anywhere without it being uncovered for Ali and without Ali seeing it.

Then I (lbn Abbas) said, "O Messenger of Allah! Advise me."

The Messenger of Allah(saww) said, "O Ibn Abbas! I advise you to love Ali bin Abi Taleb."

I (ibn Abbas) said to him. "Give me some other advice."

The Messenger of Allah(saww) said:

I advise you to love Ali bin Abi Taleb. I swear by Allah, who sent me as a prophet, that Allah will not accept the good deeds of any slave without first questioning him about his love for Ali bin Abi Taleb, and Allah knows the truth. So if the slave had the Wilayat, Allah will accept all of the deeds of that slave, despite his shortcomings. If the slave did not have the Wilayat, Allah will not question him about anything else and will order him to be taken to Hell.

O Ibn Abbas! I swear by Allah, who sent me as a prophet, that Hell is harsher on those who hate Ali than it is on those who believe Allah had a son.

O Ibn Abbas! Even if all of the high-ranked angels and all of the prophets hated Ali, which they do not, Allah would torture them in Hell.

So I asked the Prophet(saww) "Is there anyone who hates Ali?"

The Prophet(saww) replied:

Yes, some people who think they are from my nation hate him and they have nothing to do with Islam. One of the signs of those who hate Ali is that they elevate people who are lower than Ali above Ali.

O Ibn Abbas! I swear by Allah, who sent me as a prophet, that Allah did not send any prophet more honourable in His eyes than me, and Allah did not appoint any successor more honourable in His eyes than my successor, Ali.

Ibn Abbas narrates that he continued loving Ali(as) just as the Prophet(saww) had ordered and advised him, and that this was his most important deed.

Ibn Abbas narrates that he went to visit the Prophet(saww) on his death bed and said to him, "May I sacrifice my father and mother for you, O Messenger of Allah! Your death has approached, so what do you command me to do?"

The Prophet(saww) replied, "Be against those who are against Ali. Do not support them or associate yourself with them."

I asked him, "Why don't you order people not to be against Ali?"

The Prophet(saww) started crying until he fainted. When he awoke he said:

O Ihn Abbas! Allah knows them (those who are against Ali(as)). O lbn Abbas! I swear by Allah, who sent me as a prophet, that none of those who hate Ali or ignore his rights will leave this world without first being disgraced.

O Ibn Abbas! If you want to meet Allah while He is pleased with you, follow the path of Ali bin Abi Taleb. Turn when he turns and accept Ali as your Imam. Be the enemy of his enemies, and be the friend of his friends.

O Ibn Abbas! Beware of having doubts about Ali, because doubt about All is Kufr to Allah.


Source: Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 2, Hadees 9 / /Amaali of Sheikh Tousi, Vol 1, Pg 104 / Bihal ul Anwar, Vol 16, Pg 370 and Vol 28, Pg 157 / Taawil al-Ayaat, Vol 1, Pg 277


Ali bin Abi Taleb(as), from the Holy Prophet(saww), from Jibraeel, from Mikaeel, from Israfil, from Allah(swt) who said:


I am Allah and there is no god but Me. I created the entire creation with My power. I chose whom I wanted to be the prophets and I chose Mohammad amongst them as My love, My friend, and My pure slave, and I sent him as a messenger to My creation.

I chose Ali for him and I made him his brother, his heir, his minister and the one who leads people to the Prophet after him.

I chose Ali as My caliph on My creation, the revealer of My book and the one who judges with My rules. I assigned Ali as the flag of guidance to prevent My creation from going astray. He is the door that leads to Me. He is My house. Those who enter it will be safe from Hell. He is My castle. I will protect those who seek refuge in it from the evil of this life and the Hereafter.

He is My face. If you come toward him I will not turn My face away from you.

I chose Ali as My decisive argument on the heavens, the earths and on every one of My creations that is on them.

I do not accept the deeds of anyone unless they testify to Ali's Wilayat and the Prophethood of Ahmad, My Messenger.

Ali is My generous hand to My slaves and he is the gift that I have bestowed on those whom I love.

I made Ali's Wilayat known only to the slaves whom I love and there is no way for those whom I hate to know him or his Wilayat.

I swore by My own Magnificence and glory that I would keep those who followed him away from Hell and I would allow them to enter Paradise.

I hate those who hate him and turn away from his Wilayat and I will put them in Hell, the worst destination.


Source: Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 1, Hadees 45/Amaali of Sheikh Sudooq, Pg. 184/O’youn-e-Akhbaral-Redha, Vol 2, Pg 49

Imam Sadiq(as) said:

We(as) are the tree of prophethood, the house of blessings, the keys to wisdom, the mine of knowledge, the station of the Messengership of Allah(swt), the center wherein angels interchange and the place for the secrets of Allah(swt). We are the trust of Allah(swt) among the people and we are the great sanctuary of Allah(swt). We are the promised responsibility of Allah(swt) and We are His covenant. Whoever remains true to our covenant he has remained true to the covenant of Allah(swt). Whoever disregards his covenant with Us he has disregarded his covenant and responsibility towards Allah(swt).
Source: Al Kafi, H 589, ch 31, h 3. 


Imam Sadiq(as) said:  

Through Us(as) Allah(swt) is worshipped. Through Us(as) Allah(swt) is known. Through Us(as) belief in the Oneness of Allah(swt) is established. Mohammad(saww) is the Hijab (curtain) of Allah(swt)

Source: Al Kafi, H 362, Ch 23, h 10

Imam Sadiq(as) said:

Allah(swt) created Us(as) and He made Our creation the best. He formed Us and made Us the best. He made Us the treasurers of His heavens and His earth. For Us the tree spoke and with Our worship Allah(swt) is worshipped. Had We not been in existence Allah(swt) would not have been worshiped.

Source: Al Kafi, Chapter 11. Hadees 491

Imam Sadiq(as) said:

We(as) are the ones obedience to whom is obligatory by the command of Allah(swt). People have no other choice except to know Us(as) and they will not be excused for not knowing Us(as). Those who know Us(as) are the true believers and those who would refuse to acknowledge Our(as) divine authority are unbelievers. Those who would not know Us(as) and would not acknowledge Us(as) are straying and lost until they return to guidance affirm the fact that Allah(swt )has made obedience to Us(as) obligatory. But if they would die in their straying condition Allah(swt) will deal with the way He would will.

Source: Al Kafi, Chapter 8, Hadees 11

Imam Ali(as) addressing his companions said:

"What do you accept, that my brother the Holy Prophet(saww) said, I and my Ahlebait(as) we were each and everyone of us One Noor(Light) that were walking in presence of Allah(swt) 14000 years before Adam(as) was created and when Adam(as) was created this light was put on his back and brought to this earth. Then this light was put in the boat through Nooh(as) and then in the fire through Ibrahim(as) and after that transferred on highly esteeemed backs........................."

: Kitab Sulaym ibn Qays al Hilaali, Hadees 11
Holy prophet(saww) said:

"O Ali! I and you have been created from two pillars of noor, which were both glorifying and praising Allah(swt) 2000 years before He created the entire creation. Then from those two pillars He created two seeds that were illuminated and joined. Then He transferred both these seeds in pure backs and pure and clean wombs, until half of it was put into the back of Abdullah(as) and half of it was put in the back of Abu Talib(as). So one part is Myself and one part is You......"

: Kitab Sulaym ibn Qays al Hilaali, Hadees 44

A companion narrates that: I came to Abu Abdullah Ja’far bin Muhammad as-Sadiq(as) in Medina and he said to me:


"Why have you not visited us since so long, Dawood?"

I said: "I had something to do in Kufa."

He said: "Whom did you leave in Kufa?"

I said: "May my soul be sacrificed for you! I have left your uncle Zayd. I left him riding on a horse with his sword and calling loudly: "Ask me before you will miss me. I have great knowledge. I have known the abrogating and abrogated verdicts, the oft-repeated verses and the great Qur'an. Knowledge is between Allah and you."

He said to me: "O Dawood, things have affected you?"

Then he called: "O Suma'a bin Mihran, bring me a basket of ripe dates!"

He brought him a basket of ripe dates. He took one, ate it, took the kernel out of his mouth and struck it into the ground. It grew and fruited. He picked an unripe date from one of the bunches. He split it and took a piece of parchment out of it. He spread it, gave it to me and said to me: "Read it!"

It had two lines. The first line was (There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah). The second line was (Surely the number of months with Allah is twelve months in Allah's ordinance since the day when He created the heavens and the earth, of these four being sacred; that is the right religion); Amirul Mo’mineen Ali bin Abu Talib, al-Hasan bin Ali, al-Husayn bin Ali, Ali bin al-Husayn, Muhammad bin Ali, Ja’far bin Muhammad, Musa bin Ja'far, Ali bin Musa, Muhammad bin Ali, Ali bin Muhammad, al-Hasan bin Ali, al-Khalaf al-Hujjah (al-Mahdi).

Then he said: "O Dawood, do you know when this has been written in this piece of parchment?"

I said: "Allah, His messenger and you are more aware!"

He said: “Two thousand years before Allah had created Adam

Source: Bihar ul anwar, Vol 24, Pg. 243, Manaqib by ibn Shahrashoob, Vol 1, Pg. 307, Ta’weel al-Aayat, Vol 1, Pg. 203
Holy Prophet(saww) said:
O Ali(as), after Me, you are a very important sign from Allah(swt) on this earth and you are an important element on the day of judgement. Whoever benefits from your shelter will be successful because the account of the entire creation will be towards you. The scale will be your scale, the path will be your path and the stop will be your stop and the account will be your account. Whoever comes to you will be saved and whoever opposes you will be deviated and destroyed. Allah be witness, Allah be witness. 

Source: Kittab-e-Sulaym ibn Qays al-Hilaali, Hadees 44