Who will go to Heaven / Achieve Salvation??

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Abban narrated that he heard from Sulaym who said: I heard Ali ibn Abi Talib(as) say: 

The Ummah will be separated in 73 sects of which 72 will go to Hell and 1 will go to Heaven.

From the 73, 13 will show their love towards us Ahlebait(as) from which 1 will go to Heaven and 12 will go to Hell. The sect that will be saved will be the one which is guided, which is hopeful, which has eemaan, obeys command (bows his head), is agreeable and intelligent. It is he that trusts me and bows his head to my command, obeys my command, chooses to keep away from my enemy, loves me, keeps enemity with my enemy, has recognized my rights and Imamat, and has realised my obedience compulsory through the Book of Allah(swt) and the tradition of the Holy Prophet(saww), and has not become an apostate, and has not doubted because Allah(swt) has enlightened his heart with the knowledge of our rights, and has recognised our merits, and all this has sunk into his heart and is written on his forehead. Allah(swt) has entered him in my Shias until his heart is satisfied and has developed surety that there is no doubt included
Source: Kitaab-e-Sulaym ibn Qays al-Hilaali, Hadees 7

Imam Ali(as) said:

This Ummah will be separated in 73 sects of which 72 sects will go to Hell and 1 sect will go to Heaven. This will be the sect which follows the Wasi of Prophet Mohammad(saww) i.e. Hazrat Ali(as). 
Then Imam Ali(as) said: From the 73 sects, 13 sects will claim that they love Me (Imam Ali(as)). Out of these 13 sects, 1 sect will goto heaven and will be successful as they had acquired the middle path and 12 sects will go to Hell.
Source: Ehtejaje Tabrisi, Page 311

A man came to Mohammad bin Ali Zainul Abedeen(as) and said:
Narrate a hadith about your virtues for me that is specific to you (Ahlulbayt(as))
Mohammad bin Ali(as) replied:
We are the keepers of the knowledge of Allah. We are the heirs of the revelation of Allah. We are the ones who carry the book of Allah.
Obeying us is obligatory, loving us if faith and hating us is hypocrisy. Those who love us will go to Paradise and those who hate us will go to Hell.
I swear to the Lord of the Kaaba that we are created from a pure clay that was not used for the creation of any other being. And those who love us were created from a clay that is inferior (in quality) to our clay. So on the day of judgement, the inferior clay will join the superior clay.
(On that day) where do you think Allah will lead the Prophet(saww)? And where do you think the Prophet(saww) will lead his sons? And where do you think Prophets(saww) sons will lead their Shia and their lovers? They will all go to the Paradise of the Lord of the Worlds.
Source:  Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 4, Hadees.42
A companion asked Aba Jaafar Mohammad bin Ali(as) about the verse: "...Allah will change their evil deeds to good deeds. Allah is oft-forgiving, merciful" (25:70)
Abu Jaafar(as) replied:
On the day of judgement believers sins will be brought on the stand of judgement and Allah himself will undertake their judgement so noone can see it. Then Allah will show him (the believer) his sins to which he will admit. Then Allah will tell the clerks to change the evil deeds to good deeds and to show it (his book) to the people.
When the people will see his book they will say :"This slave did not even have one sin"
Then Allah will order the slave to be taken to Paradise. This is the taweel (inner meaning) of this verse, and it applies specifically to our Shia who have committed sins.
Source: Basharat ul Mustafa Le Shiyyat e Murtuza, Chapter 1, Hadees 9/ Amaali of Sheikh Tousi, Vol 1, Pg. 70/ Bihar ul anwar, Vol 7, Pg. 261/Bihar ul anwar, Vol 68, Pg. 100