Uprooting the door of Khaibar

قال : وكتب أمير المؤمنين ) عليه السلام ) فيما كتب إلى سهل بن حنيف
والله ما قلعت باب خيبر وقذفت بها أربعين ذراعا لم يحس به أعضائي بقوة جسدية ولا حركة غذائية ولكني ايدت بقوة ملكوتية ونفس بنور ربها مضية ، فأنا من أحمد كالضوء من الضوء ، والله لو تظاهرت العرب على قتالي لما وليت ولو أمكنتني الفرصة من الفرار ، ومن لم يبال متى حتفه عليه ساقط فجنانه في الملمات رابط

Part of the letter of the Commander of the Believers (as) to Sahl bin Hunaif was:

I swear to Allah that when I tore out the door of Khaibar and then threw it at a distance of forty ells, my body did not feel the weight and the strength I used to perfrom this act was not a result of my dietary consumption. I was suppored by the supreme power and by (My) soul, which shines from the light of his lord.

I am to Ahmad [the Prophet (saww)] like light is to light.

I swear to Allah that even if all the arabs unite to fight me, I will not run away, even if I have the chance to do so.

He who does not care when his death meets him has linked his death with paradise.

[Source: Bisharat Al-Mustafa Le Shiyate Murtaza, Chapter. 5 Hadees. 25]