Miracle of Imam Mohammad Taqi(as)

It has been narrated to us by Muhammad Bin Hasaan, from Ali Bin Khalid who was a Zaydiyya (a sect), he said:

I was in Al-Askar. News reached me that there is a captive man who has been brought over from an area in Syria and that he has claimed to be a ‘Tanba’ (fortune teller). When I went to meet the captive man I asked him, what is this story of yours and what is your matter?

He replied: I was in Syria worshipping Allah(swt) near the head of Husain bin Ali(as). I was engrossed in my worship when a person came up to me.

He said: Arise, and come with me. I stood up and went with him. And I was with him in the Masjid of Al-Kufa.

He said to me: Do you recognise this Masjid?

I said: Yes, this is the Masjid of Al-Kufa. He prayed and I prayed with him. It so happened that I was with him in Masjid of Al-Medina. He prayed, and I prayed, and sent greeting on the Holy Prophet(saww) and supplicated to him. It so happened that I was with him in Mecca. I did not cease to be with him until he completed his prayers and I completed my prayers along with him. It so happened that I was in my original place worshipping Allah(swt) in Syria and the man was gone.

When a year went by, I met the same man during the days of the season and performed with him similar to what he had done at first. When we were free from performing our prayers and he returned me to Syria and wanted to part from me, I said to him: I ask you by the right of the one who gave you the ability over what I have seen, tell me who you are.

He paused for a long while, then looked at me and said: I am Muhammad Bin Ali Bin Musa(as).

The news got to Muhammad Bin Abdul Malik Al-Ziyat. He sent for me, captured me and placed me in chains and sent me to Iraq, and locked me up, as you can see me now.

I said to him, I will raise your story to Muhammad Bin Abdul Malik. He said, who is the one who will go to him with the story? I gave him a paper and ink and told him to write his story to Muhammad Bin Abdul Malik. I mentioned the story of that which had happened to Muhammad Bin Abdul Malik. He said, Tell him that the one who took you out during the night from Syria to Kufa, from Kufa to Medina and from Medina to the place, he should take you out from your lock up.

His matter grieved me and I thought about him and his matter with condolences. I went to meet him one day and saw an army and a master of the guards and warden of the prison investigating their situation. I said, what is the matter? They said: The prisoner who was brought here from Syria who was a fortune teller is missing since yesterday. We do not know whether the earth has swallowed him up or a bird flew away with him in the air.

Source: Basaair Al - Darajaat, Vol 8, Chapter 13, Hadees 1