Uprooting the door of Khaibar

قال : وكتب أمير المؤمنين ) عليه السلام ) فيما كتب إلى سهل بن حنيف :

والله ما قلعت باب خيبر وقذفت بها أربعين ذراعا لم يحس به أعضائي بقوة جسدية ولا حركة غذائية ولكني ايدت بقوة ملكوتية ونفس بنور ربها مضية ، فأنا من أحمد كالضوء من الضوء ، والله لو تظاهرت العرب على قتالي لما وليت ولو أمكنتني الفرصة من الفرار ، ومن لم يبال متى حتفه عليه ساقط فجنانه في الملمات رابط

Part of the letter of the Commander of the Believers (as) to Sahl bin Hunaif was:

I swear to Allah that when I tore out the door of Khaibar and then threw it at a distance of forty ells, my body did not feel the weight and the strength I used to perfrom this act was not a result of my dietary consumption. I was suppored by the supreme power and by (My) soul, which shines from the light of his lord.

I am to Ahmad [the Prophet (saww)] like light is to light.

I swear to Allah that even if all the arabs unite to fight me, I will not run away, even if I have the chance to do so.

He who does not care when his death meets him has linked his death with paradise.

[Source: Bisharat Al-Mustafa Le Shiyate Murtaza, Chapter. 5 Hadees. 25]