Connecting with the Imam (atfs)

Does the Imam (atfs) pray for us? How do we know what's our position/status near the Imam (atfs)? 
Although the below narration is related to Imam Ridha (as), it can very well be applied to Imam al-Qaim (atfs) who is the Imam of our time.

عدة من أصحابنا، عن سهل بن زياد، عن علي بن أسباط، عن الحسن بن الجهم قال: قلت لأبي الحسن (عليه السلام): لا تنسني من الدعاء، قال: [أ] وتعلم أني أنساك؟

قال: فتفكرت في نفسي وقلت: هو يدعو لشيعته وأنا من شيعته، قلت: لا، لا تنساني قال: وكيف علمت ذلك؟ قلت: إني من شيعتك وإنك لتدعو لهم، فقال: هل علمت بشئ غير هذا؟ قال: قلت: لا، قال: إذا أردت أن تعلم مالك عندي فانظر [إلى] ما لي عندك

A number of our people have narrated from Sahl ibn Ziyad from Ali ibn Asbat from al-Hassan ibn al-Jahm who has said the following:

"Once I said to abu al-Hassan Imam Ridha (as), "Do not forget me in your prayers."

The Imam asked, "How do you know I forget you?"

I (the narrator) then thought within myself and said to myself that he (Imam) prays for his Shi’a (followers) and I am a Shi’a. I then said to the Imam, "I know, you do not forget me in your prayers." 

The Imam asked, "How did you find out?"

I said, "You pray for your Shi’a and I am your Shi’a." 

The Imam asked, "Did you find out by any means other than that?" I said, 'No.'

The Imam said, "If you like to know what is for you (position/status/importance/love) near me, see what is for Me (position/status/importance/love) near you."

[Source: al-Kafi, Vol. 2, Pg. 652]