Imam Mohammad bin Ali al-Taqi

Imam Mohammad Taqi (as) was only of 25 years when was killed by Mo'tasim by Poison. Curses of Allah (swt) be upon Mo'tasim.

1) Small Miracle of the Imam (as):

قال أبو جعفر: حدثنا أبو محمد، قال: حدثنا عمارة بن زيد، قال: قال إبراهيم بن سعد: رأيت محمد بن علي (عليه السلام) يضرب بيده إلى ورق الزيتون فيصير في كفه ورقا، فأخذت منه كثيرا وأنفقته في الاسواق فلم يتغير

Mohammad bin Yahya says that;

"I saw Imam Mohammad bin Ali (as) hitting his hands upon the leaves of olive trees and the leaves were turning into silver in His hands. And I (the narrator) took lot of silver from it and sold it in the markets and it did not change"

[Source Dalaail al Imaamah, Pg. 398]