Crying of Fatema Zehra (sa) on Imam Husain (as) even after 1400 years

Author says:

But is it not ridiculous to imagine that Hadrat Zahra' should still need consolation after fourteen hundred years, whereas, in accordance with the explicit statements of Imam Husayn and according to our creed, since his martyrdom Imam Husayn and Hadrat Zahra have been together in heaven? What a thing to say! Is it correct to think of Hadrat Zahra as a little child that goes on weeping, even after fourteen centuries, and whom we have to go and console? Such kind of beliefs are destructive for religion.

The author here makes only a statement without quoting any narration.

The above words are not only incorrect but also an insult to Hadrat Fatema Zehra (sa).

We have clear narrations which say that crying over Imam Husain (as) is assisting/helping Fatema Zehra (sa) and narrations which state that Fatema Zehra (sa) cries even after the death of Imam Husain (as) . And its not only Fatema Zehra (sa) even the Prophets cry over Imam Husain (as).

Read the narrations below:

Imam Sadiq (as) says:

[Part of a lengthy narration, only required part quoted here]

وما من عَين أحبُّ إلى الله ؛ ولا عَبرةٌ مِن عين بَكتْ ودَمَعَت عليه ، وما مِن باكٍ يبكيه إلاّ وقد وصل فاطمة عليها السلام وأسعدها عليه ووصَلَ رَسول الله صلّى الله عليه وآله وسلّم وأدّى حقّنا

"There are no eyes and (there is) not a tear loved more by Allah (swt) than the eyes of those who cry and shed tears over Husain (as). Verily anyone who cries over him connects with Fatema (sa) and supports Her (sa), connects with the Messenger of Allah (saww) and fulfills our rights."

[Source: Kamil Az Ziyarah, Chapter:26 Hadees:6]

حدَّثني محمّد بن عبدالله، عن أبيه ، عن عليِّ بن محمّد بن سالم ، عن محمّد بن خالد ، عن عبدالله بن حمّاد البَصريِّ ، عن عبدالله بن عبدالرَّحمن الأصمّ ، عن عبدالله بن مُشكانَ ، عن أبي بصير «قال : كنت عند أبي عبدالله عليه السلام [و] اُحدِّثه ، فدخل عليه ابنُه فقال له : مَرْحباً ، وضَمَه وقَبَّله ، وقال : حَقَر اللهُ مَن حَقّركم ، وانتقم مِمَّن وَتَركم ، وخَذَلَ الله مَن خَذلكم ، ولعن الله مَن قتلكم ، وكان اللهُ لكم وليّاً وحافظاً وناصراً ، فقد طال بُكاء النِّساء وبُكاء الأنبياء والصِّدّيقين والشّهداء وملائكة السَّماء ، ثمَّ بكى وقال : يا أبا بصير إذا نظرتُ إلى وُلْدِ الحسين أتاني ما لا أملكه بما اُتي إلى أبيهم وإليهم ، يا أبا بصير إنّ فاطمة عليها السلام لتبكيه وتشهق ، فتَزْفِر جهنَّم زَفْرَة لولا أنَّ الخَزَنة يسمعون بُكاءَها وقد استَعدُّوا لذلك مَخافة أنْ يخرج منها عُنُق أو يَشْرَر دُخانها فيحرق أهل الأرض فيَكْبَحونها ما دامَتْ باكية ، ويزجُرونها ويستوثِقون من أبوابها مَخافةً على أهل الأرض ، فلا تَسْكنْ حتّى يسكن صوتُ فاطمة عليها السل

Abu Basir says, "I was speaking with Imam Sadiq (as) when one his sons entered, Imam (as) said: May Allah bless you, and then embraced and kissed him.

Then Imam Sadiq (as) said, "May Allah (swt) degrade those who dishonored. May Allah avenge those who oppressed you. May Allah (swt) disappoint who who deserted you. May Allah (swt) curse those who slain you. May Allah (swt) be your gaurdian, protector and helper. Prophets, Truthful ones, martyrs, angels of the heavens and our ladies have been weeping on you."

Then Imam (as) began to weep and said, "Abu Basir, when I look at the children of Imam Husain (as), gried overcomes me when I remember what was meted out to them and to their father."

Imam Sadiq (as): "Abu Basir, Fatema (sa) weeps and laments over Husain (as) as a result of which Hell sighs so intensely, that if the keepers of Hell who also hear her voice did not prepare themselfs to restrain it, it would burn all the inhabitants of the earth with its blazing fires and sparking fumes."......"But helll is not pacified until Fatema's (sa) lamentation ends...

[Source: Kamil Az Ziyarah, Chapter:26 Hadees:7]