Burial of Imam Husain (as)

ثمّ مشى الإمام زين العابدين(عليه السلام) إلى جسد أبيه واعتنقه وبكى بكاءً عالياً، وأتى إلى موضع القبر ورفع قليلاً من التراب فبان قبر محفور وضريح مشقوق، فبسط كفّيه تحت ظهره وقال: “بسم الله وفي سبيل الله وعلى ملّة رسول الله، صدق الله ورسوله، ما شاء الله لا حوّل ولا قوّة إلاّ بالله العظيم”، وأنزله وحده لم يشاركه بنو أسد فيه، وقال لهم: “إنّ معي من يعينني”، ولمّا أقرّه في لحده وضع خدّه على منحره الشريف قائلاً طوبى لأرض تضمّنت جسدك الطاهر، فإنّ الدنيا بعدك مظلمة، والآخرة بنورك مشرقة، أمّا الليل فمسهّد، والحزن سرمد، أو يختار الله لأهل بيتك دارك التي فيها أنت مقيم، وعليك منّي السلام يا بن رسول الله ورحمة الله وبركاته وكتب على القبر: “هذا قبر الحسين بن علي بن أبي طالب(عليه السلام)، الذي قتلوه عطشاناً غريباً

ثمّ مشى إلى عمّه العباس(عليه السلام)، فرآه بتلك الحالة التي أدهشت الملائكة بين أطباق السماء، وأبكت الحور في غرف الجنان، ووقع عليه يلثمّ نحره المقدّس قائلاً: “على الدنيا بعدك العفا يا قمر بني هاشم، وعليك منّي السلام من شهيد محتسب ورحمة الله وبركاته وشق له ضريحاً وأنزله وحده كما فعل بأبيه الشهيد، وقال لبني أسد: «إنّ معي من يعينني»! نعم ترك مساغاً لبني أسد بمشاركته في مواراة الشهداء، وعيّن لهم موضعين وأمرهم أن يحفروا حفرتين، ووضع في الأُولى بني هاشم، وفي الثانية الأصحاب

Imam Zayn al-Abidin (ع) walked to his father's body, hugged it, and wept loudly. Then he came to the gravesite and lifted a handful of its soil. A grave already dug appeared, and so did a pre-constructed shrine. He placed his hands under the Imam's back and said, "In the Name of Allah, and according to the creed of the Messenger of Allah, Allah has said the truth, and so has His Messenger (ص). The will of Allah be done; there is no power nor might except in Allah, the Great."

Then he took the body of the Imam (ع) and went down without being assisted by anyone from among the Banu Asad to whom he said, "I have with me someone who is assisting me."

Once he laid it down in the grave, he put his cheek on his father's sacred neck and said, "Blessed is the land that contains your pure body, for the world after you is dark whereas the hereafter in your light shall shine.

As to the night, it is sleepless, while grief remains forever, for Allah shall choose for your Ahl al-Bayt (ع) your abode where you are stationed. From me to you is Salam, O son of the Messenger of Allah, and the mercy of Allah and His blessings."

On the grave, he wrote: "This is the grave of al-Husain son of Ali son of Abu Talib (ع), the one whom they killed even as he was a thirsty stranger."

Then he walked to the body of his uncle, al-Abbas (ع), and he saw him in a condition that had astonished the angels in the heavens and caused the Huris (virgins of paradise) to weep in the chambers of Paradise. He fell upon it kissing his sacred neck and saying, “The world after you is destroyed O moon of Banu Hashim, and peace from me to you, O martyr, and the mercy of Allah and His blessings."

He dug a grave for him and took him down in it by himself just as he had done to the corpse of his martyred father (ع). He said to Banu Asad, "I have with me someone who is assisting me."

The Imam (ع) then asked the Bani Asad to dig two pits in the first of which he buried the Banu Hashim and in the second the companions.

[Source: Maqtal al-Muqarram, Pg. 320]