Companions of Imam Husain (as)

Abis ibn Shabib:

فوقف عابس أمام أبي عبد الله (ع) وقال : ما أمسى على ظهر الأرض ريب و لا بعيد أعزّ عليَّ منك ، ولَو قدرت أنْ أدفع الضيم عنك بشيء أعزّ عليَّ من نفسي لفعلت ، السّلام عليك ، أشهد أنّي على هداك و هدى أبيك . ومشى نحو القوم مصلتاً سيفه و به ضربة على جبينه فنادى :ألا رجل ؟ فأحجموا عنه ؛ لأنّهم عرفوه أشجع النّاس . فصاح عمر بن سعد : أرضخوه بالحجارة . فرُمي بها ، فلمّا رأى ذلك ألقى درعه ومغفره وشدّ على النّاس وإنّه ليطرد أكثر من مئتين ، ثمّ تعطّفوا عليه من كلّ جانب فقُتل

Abis stood before Abu Abdillah Imam Husain (as) and said, "There is none on the face of earth either near one or distant one, dearer to me than You. Had I been able to ward off oppression from You with anything more precious than my life, I would have done so. Blessings be upon You. I testify that I am upon Your guidance and the guidance of Your Father."

He then walked towards the enemy with his sword and hitting his sword on his forehead and saying, "Is there no Man?" They all refrained from Him because they knew him to be most courageous of men.

Omer bin Sa’d shouted, "Overcome him by stones." So He was hit by stones. Having seen this, he put down his shield and helmet and charged towards the enemies and caused more than 200 men to flee away. Then they surrounded him from all sides and he was killed.

[Source: Maqtal al-Husain by Abd al Razzaq al-Muqarram, Pg. 251/252 & Maqtal al-Husain (as) – Abu Mikhnaf]