Jibraeel narrates the sufferings of Imam Husain (as) to Adam (as)

وروى صاحب الدر الثمين في تفسير قوله تعالى: " فتلقى آدم من ربه كلمات " أنه رأى ساق العرش وأسماء النبي والأئمة عليهم السلام فلقنه جبرئيل قل: يا حميد بحق محمد، يا عالي بحق علي، يا فاطر بحق فاطمة، يا محسن بحق الحسن والحسين ومنك الإحسان.

فلما ذكر الحسين سالت دموعه وانخشع قلبه، وقال: يا أخي جبرئيل في ذكر الخامس ينكسر قلبي وتسيل عبرتي؟ قال جبرئيل: ولدك هذا يصاب بمصيبة تصغر عندها المصائب، فقال: يا أخي وما هي؟ قال: يقتل عطشانا غريبا وحيدا فريدا ليس له ناصر ولا معين، ولو تراه يا آدم وهو يقول: واعطشاه واقلة ناصراه، حتى يحول العطش بينه وبين السماء كالدخان، فلم يجبه أحد إلا بالسيوف، وشرب الحتوف، فيذبح ذبح الشاة من قفاه، وينهب رحله أعداؤه وتشهر رؤوسهم هو وأنصاره في البلدان، ومعهم النسوان، كذلك سبق في علم الواحد المنان، فبكى آدم وجبرئيل بكاء الثكلى

The author of the book "Al-Dur Al-Sameen" narrates under the Tafseer of the saying of Allah (swt), "Then learnt Adam from his Lord words, and his Lord Turned towards him" (2:37)

"Adam (as) saw on the throne and the names of the Prophet (saw) and the Imam's (as). Then Jibraeel said to him, Say: "O' Hameed, by the right of Muhammad (saw), O'Aali, by the right of Ali (as), O' Faatir, by the right of Fatema (sa), O' Muhsin, by the right of Hasan (as) and Husain (as) and from You is the favor."

When Adam (as) mentioned Al-Husain (as), his tears flowed and his heart felt low. He said: "O’ My brother Jibraeel, in the mention of the fifth (name), my heart breaks and my tears flow"?

Jibraeel said, "This Son of yours will be afflicted with calamities in front of which all calamities will be small." Adam (as) said, "And what are those calamities"?

Jibraeel said, "Killed while He is thirsty, stranger, and lonely. There will be no helper and adherent for him. And if you see Him O' Adam (as) while He is saying, "O Thirst and O the lack of helpers". Until his thirst will become like the clouds between Him and the skies [i.e. vision will become cloudy because of thirst]. And none will answer Him but with swords and the drink of death. And He will be slaughtered like a sheep from behind his neck. And His enemies will plunder (loot) him and will carry His and His helper’s heads into cities along with the Women. That is what has come in the knowledge of Allah (swt). Then Adam (as) and Jibraeel cried like the crying of the one whose loved one has died."

[Source: Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 44, Pg. 245]