Ramy in Hajj and Abu Bakr and Umar

حدثنا احمد بن محمد عن الحسن بن على عن ابى الصخرة قال حدثنى الحسن بن على قال دخلت انا ورجل من اصحابنا على على بن عيسى بن عبد الله بن ابى طاهر العلوى قال أبو الصخر فاظنه من ولد عمر بن على قال وكان أبو طاهر في دار الصيديين نازل قال فدخلنا عليه عند العصر وبين يديه ركوة من ماء وهو يتمسح فسلمت عليه فرد علينا السلام ثم ابتدأنا فقال معكم احد فقلنا لا ثم التفت يمينا وشمالا لا يرى احدا ثم قال اخبرني ابى عن جدى انه كان مع ابى جعفر محمد بن على بمنى و هو يرمى الجمرات وان ابا جعفر عليه السلام رمى الجمرات قال فاستتمها ثم بقى في يده بعد خمس حصيات فرمى اثنتين في ناحية وثلثة في ناحية فقال له جدى جعلت فداك لقد رايتك صنعت شيئا ما صنعه احد قط رايتك رميت الجمرات ثم رميت بخمسة بعد ذلك ثلثة في ناحية واثنين في ناحية قال نعم انه إذا كان كل موسم اخرجا الفاسقين الغاصبين ثم يفرق بينهما هيهنا لا يراهما الا امام عدل فرميت الاول اثنتين والاخر ثلثة لان الاخر اخبث من الاول

It has been narrated to us from Ahmad Bin Muhammad, from Al-Hassan Bin Ali, from Abu Al-Sakhrat, from Al-Hassan Bin Ali who said:

"I and a man from our companions came to Ali Bin Isa Bin Abdullah Bin Abu Tahir Al-Alawy. Abu Al-Sakhr said, "I think you are the son of Umar bin Ali. And Abu Tahir was staying in the house of the two chiefs. We came to him during late afternoon (Al-Asr), and in front of him was a pool of water and he was wiping himself. We greeted to him. He returned the greeting to us, then he began by saying, 'Is there anyone else with you?' We said, 'No'. Then he turned to the right and left, he did not see anyone, then said:

"My father informed me from my grandfather and he was with Abu Jafar Muhammad Bin Ali (as) at Mina, and he was performing Ramy (Throwing of pebbles at the three pillars), and that Abu Jafar Muhammad Bin Ali (as was also performing Ramy) After He completed it, there remained in His hands five pebbles. He threw two on this side and three on the other side. My grandfather said Him,"May I be sacrificed for You, I saw You do something that no one else has done at all. I saw You throw at the pillars, then thrown five after that, three on this side and two on the other side."

Imam (as) said: "Yes, it is as if in every season (of Hajj), the 2 transgressors, the usurpers (Abu Bakr & Umar) are pulled out, and there is separation between them over here. No one sees these two except for the Just Imam (as). He throws two at the first, and three at the second, for the second one is worse than the first one."

[Source: Basaair al-Darajaat, Vol. 6, Pg. 306, Hadith. 8 &

al-Ikhtesaas by Shaikh Mufeed, Pg. 277 (difference in wording with same meaning)]