099 - Zilzaal

Chapter. 99, Verse. 1-4 - Imam Ali (as) speaking to the Earth

بهذا الاسناد عن محمد بن أحمد قال: حدثنا أبو عبد الله الرازي عن أحمد بن محمد بن نصر عن روح بن صالح عن هارون بن خارجة رفعه عن فاطمة عليها السلام قالت: اصاب الناس زلزلة على عهد أبي بكر ففزع الناس إلى ابي بكر وعمر فودوهما قد خرجا فزعين إلى علي (ع) فتبعهما الناس إلى ان انتهوا إلى باب علي (ع) فخرج إليهم علي عليه السلام غير مكترث لما هم فيه فمضى واتبعه الناس حتى انتهى إلى تلعة، فقعد عليها وقعدوا حوله وهم ينظرون إلى حيطان المدينة ترتج جائية وذاهبة، فقال لهم علي (ع): كانكم قد هالكم ما ترون قالوا: وكيف لا يهولنا ولم نر مثلها قط قالت فحرك شفتيه، ثم ضرب الارض بيده، ثم قال: مالك اسكني فسكنت، فعجبوا من ذلك أكثر من تعجبهم اولا حيث خرج إليهم، قال لهم: فانكم قد عجبتم من صنعتي؟ قالوا: نعم، قال انا الرجل الذي قال الله: (إذا زلزلت الارض زلزالها واخرجت الارض اثقالها وقال (الانسان مالها) فانا الانسان الذي يقول لها مالك (يومئذ تحدث أخبارها) اياي تحدث

It has been narrated from Syeda Fatima al Zahra (sa),

She said; "The people were struck by an earthquake during the era of Abu Bakr, so they panicked and went to Abu Bakr and Umar. They found the two of them to have gone out terrified, to Imam Ali (as). So the people followed the two of them until they ended up at the door of Imam Ali (as).

Imam Ali (as) came out to them, completely indifferent to the state they were in. So he went and they followed him until they ended up at a raised ground. He (as) sat down upon it, and they all seated themselves around him, and they were looking around at the wall of the city which, were shaking.

So Mola Ali (a.s) said to them: "It is as if you are all shocked at what you are seeing’. They said, "And how can we not be terrified and we have never seen the like of it at all!". Imam Ali (a.s) moved his lips, then placed his hand upon the ground and said: "What is the matter with you? Calm down!" So it calmed down.

They were all more astounded at that, than what they were when they first went out to him. He said to them: "So you are all astounded from what I have done?" They said, "Yes". He said: "I am the man for whom Allah (swt) said:

When the earth is shaken with her (violent) shaking. (99:1)

And the earth brings forth her burdens. (99:2)

And man says: What is the matter with her? (99:3)

So I am that man who says to her (Earth): ‘What is the matter with you?

On that day she shall tell her news, it is I who she (the earth) will be narrating the news of".

[Source: Illal Al Sharaiyah. Vol. 2, Pg. 557, Hadith. 8]